Updating modded wii

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Epic mickey is the actual game and disc, and if we try to play it in my sm'd wii, it says an update is required, and it will add some new channels, blah blah blah. Had to be redone, which thankfully is easy, thank you zorlon for showing me the way to do it so quickly. It has been years since I had to worry about this sort of thing (I use clean dumps updates enabled with WODE), but if you have a backup of the game you can block the update on your PC.

Mod projects - XBOX Phantasy Star Online Episodes 1 & 2 - online quests in offline mode packs [COMPLETE] [Quest Packs Collection] GTA San Andreas - Hot Coffee [COMPLETE] [Mod ready] & [Full ISO ready] GTA San Andreas - Real Car Names extra content mod [WIP] [Back burner, just won't have the time ] Please can all ESR users post your results here to help with the project and others wanting to use ESRYou should keep your internet connection there are online games or games with online features that can be used even though your system is softmodded, it's not like the PS3 or 360 that block consoles that are modded, the Wii can go online as much as you like and you don't need to worry about getting your console blocked.

I've never bothered with online play in the past, only recently did it a few times on psn to get a couple of uncharted 2 trophies.

If one does, skim over the options and look for such a feature.

It's been over a year and a half since the Wii U saw its last update, but today it's raised to new life in system version 5.5.2.

Used Wii Brick Blocker myself back when I was burning discs for people..there are probably other methods to deal with updates. The poster is clearly talking about playing the game off a disc.

In which case, connecting to the Internet has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Occasionally, users update their Wii operating systems, not realizing doing so results in the loss of the Homebrew Channel.I've downloaded 360 stuff from live that was free, and grab updates when I install a new game..I leave it disconnected most of the time.Never bothered using my Wii online because I saw no reason to What he is saying is; You're going to need to use a back-up of the game and not the retail disk if you want to block the update, which is where Wii Brick Blocker comes into play. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.) I've never bothered with online play in the past, only recently did it a few times on psn to get a couple of uncharted 2 trophies. The only retail games I've ever made backups of myself have been proper dumps via WODE...I own a Nintendo Switch and I still play my Wii U every week.I'm currently playing through Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FEThis update is probably hiding more than the patch notes indicate, though.

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