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The applicant may appeal this decision within 30 days or reapply at a later date.Denial of Certification – The applicant has not complied with NOP regulations and major areas of noncompliance cannot be readily resolved.Organic operators must notify Clemson University of any changes made to OSPs throughout the year.Expect the certification process to take up to 90 days.Clemson University's organic certification staff will now review your entire application, including the OSP, supplementary forms and Inspector’s Report.

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To create or update a pay cycle, you use the Payment Selection Criteria component.You can also select payments based on bank information, supplier pay groups, or payment method.Your pay cycle definition controls the scheduled payments that are eligible for payment in each cycle.Notice of Noncompliance – Organic certification may be withheld until the applicant corrects areas of noncompliance.Notice of Noncompliance and Proposed Suspension – A previously certified operation has not complied with NOP regulations and has failed to meet recertification requirements.

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