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**Intimate partners include current and former spouses, opposite-sex and same-sex cohabiting partners, boyfriends/girlfriends, and dates.Most victims of sexual assault know their assailant on some level.Sexual assault can involve forcing someone into non-consensual sexual acts by way of manipulation, physical or emotional coercion, or psychological force, including threats or other means of intimidation.Whatever form sexual assault takes, it’s important for victims to realize that it’s not their fault. But sexual assault shouldn’t be regarded as ordinary or inevitable — by understanding and addressing the problem, we can about it. That’s encouraging, but our society still has a lot of work to do before we can list “sexual autonomy” among our national virtues.Never drink a beverage that has been given to you by someone else or taken from a communal alcohol source (like a punch bowl).Drugs used to incapacitate sexual assault victims can be odorless, colorless, and tasteless, so you can’t rely on your senses to tell you that someone slipped something into your drink.

This could be another factor contributing to underreporting; a victim who, out of fear they’ll be ostracized or won’t be believed, refuses to tell anyone they were assaulted by a stranger is even less likely to report abuse from a significant other, a family member, a teacher, or a classmate.According to RAINN, at the time of the incident, victims are most often “sleeping or performing another activity at home.” People often feel safest when they are at home with family and friends, but these statistics reveal a different, much more disturbing story.Colleges and universities around the country are taking steps to prevent incidents of sexual violence on campus.Binge drinkers are at a particularly high risk of suffering from incapacitation, a blackout, or unconsciousness.: Take your drink to the restroom with you, or pour it out before you step outside.

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