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The game itself divides the reenactment into six sequences that mix historic events with futuristic twists and turns.

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A German-language RPG about child detectives, solving crimes under the radar of their parents and teachers.

A fantasy tabletop role-playing game with a customizable setting, based on a variant of the D20 System from third edition Dungeons & Dragons.

It mixes in story-oriented mechanics, along with no predefined skills and no assumption of figures or a map for combat.

There are parallels to most of the major European countries ("Castillian" for Spainiards, etc.) but there is no New World.

The system is a dice pool system: roll dice equal to attribute skill, keeping a number of dice equal to attribute. A tongue-in-cheek post-apocalyptic RPG, published in 3 books including an introductory scenario and a GM screen.

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