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D11.4 You should ensure that the bathing, Kafan and burial is done quickly because there has been strong emphasis on this in the Hadith [Johra, Fatahul Qadir].

It is quoted in the Hadiths that there is a lot of virtuousness in this and the Holy Prophet has stated that when one Muslim goes and visits his other Muslim brother and because he is ill then until his return he has been gathering the flowers from Jannat [Bukhari, Muslim].However, if a woman has finished her period or a person for whom it is obligatory to bathe should bathe first and should not be present otherwise.Also you should make sure that their are no photographs or dogs in the house and if there are then throw them out immediately because where there are photographs or dogs then the angels of mercy do not enter.These people destroy their world and afterlife due to these sorts of statement.D3.0 Sins are forgiven and reward is given for illness and difficulties The Holy Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) has stated that the difficulty that a Muslim suffers upto the extent that a thorn pricks them, then Allah (The Exalted) forgives his sin [Bukhari, Muslim] and the Holy Prophet also states that if a Muslim is taken ill due to illness or suffers any other sort of difficulty then Allah drops his sins like a tree drops it's leaves [Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim], and the Holy Prophet also states that Allah has set a grade for a Muslim and if they do not reach that grade due to poor actions then Allah tests them by either their health, goods or children and then gives them patience and then makes them reach their intended grade [Ahmad, Abu Da'wood] and he also states that on the day of Judgement when Allah rewards them for their patience the people who had rested and relaxed in this world will wish that only if scissors would have cut their skins and given them that sort of difficulty so that they could be collecting the reward [Tirmizi].

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