English french dating phrases

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Allow me to put my comment into context as I do not mean to be splitting hairs with you.As my students may be taking this quiz, which I'm grateful that you've made available, I'm most interested in simplicity with rules that are as black and white as possible.Hello wegugin, You will find the terms 'relative clause' and 'adjectival clause' used interchangeably in some places and I know a number of teachers who follow your line of reasoning.Personally I prefer the term 'relative clause' for several reasons. perhaps with an adjective: Our closest friends have just bought a new house in the village.Quantifiers come before determiners, but numbers come after determiners: My four children go to school here.There are a number of relative clauses which are poorly described as adjectival in my view.

A that-clause following a noun is a relative clause, so I don't understand the distinction between them in the lesson above.

However, the one that would have begun with that still technically has a 'that' place holder and would still be a that-clause.

That-clauses seem to have a more useful distinction with noun-clauses as I see it.

However, it contains the sense of the noun within itself and has a nominal function in the sentence (being the subject of the verb 'surprised').

It is difficult to justify describing this as an adjectival clause.

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