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The poor were overlooked in this process, and were no longer allowed to forage for fuel or graze their animals. Gyll extolled the benefits to the village: Railways have much improved the locality and the condition of the people also, and it is a powerful solvent to diminish provincial rusticity, local and self-importance; class prejudice and all the elements of isolation melt away in its presence. George Harcourt, Lord of the Manor, suggested that a new road should be built on higher ground from Bowry's Barn to the Colne Bridge, to replace the old road which ran along ditches susceptible to flooding. Harcourt also suggested a replacement for the old "Long Bridge" over the River Colne should be built, and a new suspension bridge, designed and paid for by Harcourt, was built by civil engineer Mr Dredge.The smaller landowners of Wraysbury to benefit from enclosure included Nathanial Wilmot, Nathanial Matthews, Shadrach Trotman and Thomas Buckland, all of whose names had previously appeared on the Wraysbury Court rolls as copyhold owners. The railway through our parish has been of great use to it; has enhanced the value of property, as is the case wherever such a project has been executed, despite the fears of those who repressed the enterprise. The only place of worship in Wraysbury until 1827 was the Anglican church of St Andrew.Gyll, in his History of Wraysbury, described the establishment of the chapel: Much praise is to be given to the officiating, minister of the Baptists in Wraysbury, Mr. Buckland, James Doulton, his son-in-law and a cousin of Sir Henry Doulton, took over the preaching duties.William Thomas Buckland, who exercises his vocation at the chapel here to a well disposed and confiding auditory, while to his wife and family are entrusted the religious education of the Baptist flock. Later James' son-in-law the Reverend Arthur Gostick Shorrock took over the duties.Wraysbury is a village and civil parish in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead in Berkshire, England.It is located on the east bank of the River Thames, roughly midway between Windsor and Staines-upon-Thames, and 18 miles (29 km) west by south-west of London.The village has a few Sites of Special Scientific Interest with these being Wraysbury Reservoir Wraysbury and Hythe End Gravel Pits and Wraysbury No 1 Gravel Pit.

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A flooded quarry in Wraysbury was used a filming location (actually intended to be in France) in the 1985 James Bond film A View to a Kill, in which Bond (played for the last time by Roger Moore) and the corpse of his murdered ally Sir Godfrey Tibbett (Patrick Macnee) were pushed into the water in their Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud by the villainous Max Zorin (Christopher Walken) and his henchman Mayday (Grace Jones).The population of Wraysbury remained relatively static during the 19th century, with a slight increase between the 1801 return of 616 and the final census of the century which gave a population figure of 660.This compares to a population figure for Wraysbury of 3,641 in the 2001 census.There are also activities for children and the tug-of-war held by the scouts, beavers and cubs.There are also the stands of local charities, the local school, usually giving out ice creams, and of course the church's stands.

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